Welcome to the Fierce Outdoors Nation! My name is John Lyszczyk (Liz-check) CEO and Founder of Fierce-Outdoors.com. In short, Fierce Outdoors is a resource for the art of filming and hunting.  We provide information, advice and guidance from the industry’s leading experts to not only improve your hunting, but also to help you capture your experiences in the woods.  Whether you are just getting started filming your hunts, or you are a seasoned veteran, Fierce-Outdoors.com is the place for you. 

 Our goal is to be a trusted and valuable resource for every hunter who enjoys filming their hunts.  Read the information below to get started with Fierce Outdoors and to learn more about what we do here.  Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, comments or concerns. Thank you and I hope you enjoy! Stay Fierce and Keep hunting! -John Lyszczyk

Fierce-Outdoors.com was made for the serious hunters who desire to not only enhance their skill-set as a hunter but to also document and tell their story.  Being dedicated to hunting and telling your story is an entirely different lifestyle altogether.  We think about hunting every minute of every day, and we also think about how we can keep the precious memories that are only found in mother nature.  The moment of truth…the adrenaline rush, the sore and swelled throat, the tension of the arms at full-draw, the beating of the heart, the release of the arrow, the inevitable fate of our prey, the celebration, the family, friends and fun…we will probably remember most of it, but we want it all to last for forever.  Why?

Because it’s our duty as hunters to pass along the great traditions, lifestyle and values that hunting and the great outdoors has to offer.  I truly believe the outdoor industry is the greatest industry on this planet.  It is up to you and me to tell our stories and pass them on… 

Learn, Adapt and Evolve

Fierce-Outdoors.com is your resource for mastering the art of filming hunts.  Welcome to the Fierce Outdoors Nation!

 Lastly, we want you to know that as a viewer, reader and follower your input and thoughts are important. At Fierce Outdoors we strongly believe in information sharing and we hope that when you visit us you interact as well. Feel free to leave us a comment on our blogs, videos or articles.  We strive to improve the experiences of all that connect with us and by sharing our information, stories and resources together we can accomplish that. Once again, thank you for visiting and stay in touch. Stay fierce and keep hunting!

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