December is always a grind for most hunters, and if you haven’t filled your tag yet, then I recommend checking out some of the links below.  For all you bowhunters, it’s the LATE SEASON! With this in mind, I have complied a few articles and resources for you to read in efforts to keep your game sharp.  In addition, there are a few articles detailing the most recent hunting news.  Enjoy!


Here are some great tips for late season success in the deer woods.  These are some more aggressive tactics, however if they are executed properly, they can pay huge dividends.

“6 Late Season Tactics” provided by Tony Hansen, outdoor writer for Outdoor Life Magazine.

Mark Kenyon from has compiled a few tips and tactics from other outdoor writers and magazines discussing successful hunting tactics during the late season.

Expert Tips for Late Season Success“, by Mark Kenyon.

Many people have the perception that public hunting land is always going to be there for us.  In reality, it is most certainly in danger as the eyes of many wealthy private companies and individuals gawk at its untapped business potential.  There are many selfish people out there that do not care about mother nature, or the “average joe” and our hunting privileges.  We need to create awareness and public support for our hunting rights before the wrong person attains dictatorship over them.

Public lands would be in danger if given to individual states“, by Doug Nielson of Las Vegas Review-Journal.


There still maybe some rutting activity going on in your neck of the woods.  So here is a helpful video that demonstrates some effective tactics to use for the late phase of the rut.

Rattling for Late Rut Hunting Success“, by Jeremy Flinn of the Buck Advisors LLC.

The National Deer Alliance has a new CEO, Nick Pinizzitto who is transitioning from the Sportmen’s Alliance Organization.  Don’t know what the NDA is?  Click here to find out!

Nick Pinizzitto, New CEO of NDA“, covered by Deer and Deer Hunting.

Mark Kayser weighs in with some tips and tactics on landing a late season buck.

How To Plan A Late-Season Whitetail Ambush“, by Mark Kayser.

Lastly, here are some great tips and tactics from the archives of Jeff Sturgis’s blog Jeff is a renowned whitetail hunter and property management specialist.  Check out his website for more whitetail hunting strategies.

Late Season Mature Buck Hunting“, by Jeff Sturgis.

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