Whitetail Deer and the Wild Turkey are two species of animals that I grew up hunting.  Trying to outsmart mature whitetails has always driven me back to the woods, and not much can amount to the thundering sound of a Tom turkey’s gobble in the spring.  I am a student of the game.  Always have been, and I plan on being one the rest of my life.  I can remember what it was like when I was first starting out, and I know the feeling of wanting to learn more.  The sole purpose of  the “Get Your Fix” page is to connect you with resources and information that will give you the competitive edge when in pursuit.  To aid in becoming a better hunter than you were yesterday.  To push you to new levels…

My primary goal is to serve YOU and provide valuable resources, information and news to bridge the gap between you and your goals as a hunter.  If you are serious about enhancing your game and pushing yourself as a hunter, then start by subscribing to our exclusive email newsletter.  I look forward to hearing from you and welcome to the Fierce Nation!

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