One of my main goals for the 2015 season was to start developing a silent-mobile treestand system.  The main objective was to find a treestand, climbing sticks and any needed accessories that allow me to move quietly and quickly from one hunting location to another.  My research led me many places and I was able to put together a silent system that worked great for me in the 2015 season. There is definitely room for improvement however the one item that I will continue to use within my system is Gameplan Gear’s Treestand Support System.  treestand



Covered Buckles

The Treestand Support System (TSS) is padded for maximum comfort around the hip, back and shoulder area.  I carried my treestand, climbing sticks and backpack full of hunting and camera equipment all season without any problems.  There are adjustable straps for the shoulders, hips and torso area that allowed me to implement solid “pack framing” technique.  By tightening the strap around my hip area I am able to centralize the weight I am carrying.  Instead of my shoulders taking on the majority of the weight, my core and lower body receive a good part of the workload; ultimately making it a lot easier for me to maneuver.  The total weight I usually carry ranges from 50lbs to 60lbs, but with the well thought out design of the TSS I feel the weight is cut in half.  IMG_0600

Additionally, the TSS has some features to ensure it makes minimal noise.  The mesh covering on the back pack pads and the overall material of the TSS optimize silence.  Most of the buckles on the straps are covered to prevent twigs or small limbs hitting the plastic.  One modification would be to cover the larger buckle that goes around the waist.  I may use Stealth Strips or just simply glue wool fabric to the area of the buckle I want to cover.  I like to pay attention to the details when it comes to gear and equipment.  If the little things are ignored there can be major consequences.


Lastly, the TSS’s durability is excellent.  I haven’t had any issues with any of the straps or the sewing. After a season’s worth of hauling up and down hilltops the overall status of the TSS is “like new”.  It even survived a thorough washing in my washing machine.  Some backpacks will fall apart after being washed just once or twice, but I did not notice any defects after washing the TSS.  

I really enjoyed using the TSS this season as it has become one of my essential pieces in my silent assassin arsenal.  You can check out the Treestand Transport System at  I would like to hear what other people use to enhance their mobile hunting systems. You can comment below or leave a post on Facebook.  Thanks for reading!

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