The holidays are here, and for some folks they might be enjoying a venison filled holiday, but for others that may not be the case.  For those of you still looking for that trophy, please feel free to check out last week’s news-feeder post and read up on some tactics and strategies on bagging that late season buck.  This week’s news-feeder post I have collected a few recipes for your holiday festivities and some recent news and information within the hunting industry.  I hope everyone has had a great season so far, and I hope the holidays treat you well!


Looking for a hunting Christmas gift? Check out my recent post of My Hunting Gear Christmas List 2015.  This post features some great products and will at the very least point you in the right direction.


Is your freezer full of venison?  Do you feel like trying something new? Mix up your holiday cuisine with an interesting recipe that uses blackberry sauce from


Here is a personal favorite recipe of mine.  Bacon Wrapped Back Straps.  Yup!


The state of Michigan’s DNR is auctioning off supposedly segregated plots of state land to the public.  I have mixed feelings about this, but I am sure the DNR have their reasons for carrying these auctions out.  Overall, I just hope that these plots of land don’t fall into the hands of urban developers.


Here is the story of Curtis Russel’s 22-point doe!  This freak of a whitetail was shot in in Christian County, Missouri.  Check out the video and story about this bizarre antlered doe. 


I really encourage everyone to listen to this Wired to Hunt podcast hosted by Mark Kenyon. Personally, I take a lot of pride in my conservation efforts, and if you call yourself a hunter you should too.  Shane Mahoney is an excellent speaker on the subject of conservation, and in this podcast he brings several great points regarding what we can do as hunters to support the sport and traditions we love so much.


Thank you for reading and checking out this week’s news-feeder!  Please feel free to browse the remainder of, and if you truly enjoy the art of filming hunts and the great outdoors, please subscribe to our newsletter!  Stay fierce and keep hunting!


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