It’s a new year with new plans, new hopes and new hunting adventures.  Optimism is at it’s highest even for those of us that had a challenging 2015 season.  Now is the time to start prepping your property, scouting for new deer hunting spots and looking for sheds.  Also, turkey season is right around the corner and I cannot wait for my trip to Nebraska this year.  Anyways, below I have a few articles and links that you will enjoy to help fuel your upcoming hunting endeavors.  Additionally, there are some interesting blogs or articles across the web that I thought would be worth sharing with you.  Enjoy!


“Hinge Cut Bedding Guide”, by Jeff Sturgis.  Great article for anyone looking to improve their property this year. 

“Should Non-Hunters Pay for Conservation Through the “User Pay” Model? Maybe Not”, By Tony Hansen writer for Outdoor Life Magazine.  Interesting concept for conservation funding efforts. Your Thoughts???

“Deer Hunting Small Property”, by Hunting Network.  Like many people I hunt on small acre private land, and with that comes many limitations.  This article has some helpful tips to give you the best odds of success when hunting smaller properties.  

“7 Things Obama Hid in his Gun-Control Plan”, by Clay Turner a writer for the National Rifle Association.  If you haven’t done any research on Obama’s movement on gun control then you can start your reading with this article. is an awesome site to see some of the best film making there is.  I have used this site as a great resource myself for everything from videoing to hunting tactics.  Not to mention some of the short films are quite entertaining.  Click the link to check it out! 


I hope this week’s news-feeder was enjoyable for you.  Please take the time to navigate and if you like what you see subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feed.  I will be working diligently to provide you with strategies, tips and tactics to improve your filming and hunting skills.  Stay tuned and thank you for reading!

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