Fierce Outdoors Blog-Feeder 04/08/2016

Hey there!  I have been brewing over some awesome video ideas for Fierce Outdoors and I am hoping to put some things together before the end of turkey season.  Sneak peek:  I will be done editing a turkey hunt from the archives and it will be posted next week.  In addition, I will be making the trek to Nebraska in efforts of bagging a Merriam turkey or two.  Lastly, I’ll end my turkey season here in Michigan and both of my turkeys hunts will be edited and posted as soon as possible.  There is a lot in motion here at Fierce Outdoors and I want to give a big thank you for those who have subscribed to our newsletter.  Enjoy this week’s blog-feeder!

Where Does a Buck Bed? Top Ten Spots by Jeff Sturgis

Shooting Hours Deer Movement Planting Tip by Jeff Sturgis

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill Outlawing Hunter Harassment by David Smith 

Cliff Notes for Hunters by Mark Kenyon

Avoid Hunter’s Blues by Aaron Cloyd

Maximize Your Odds of Bagging a Longbeard With These Decoy Strategies by Greg Abbas

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