Bacon Wrapped Back Straps

Bacon Wrapped Back Straps

We are hunters and we eat what we kill.  After all the hard work and time we put into the sport, there is a great feeling of gratification to be able to put food on the table for our loved ones.  I thought I would share with you a short recipe that I often go to when I harvest deer.  I enjoy eating venison cooked in many different ways, and I love trying new recipes.  There are some dishes that I enjoy, and others I dislike.  However, there is always a recipe that I can rely on hitting the spot every time.  Bacon Wrapped Back Straps.  This is simply a combination of ingredients that I could live on for years.   

There are a couple of reasons why I go to the bacon wrapped back straps often.  Other than the fact that this masterpiece is downright delicious, it is simply and easy to make.  The quicker I can prepare the meal, the better it is for me.  Let me translate- I am NOT a master chef, so I like meals that are straightforward.  I have messed up hamburger helper before…yeah…judge me I don’t care.  I know I am sub-par in the kitchen, which is why I assume the “assistant” role whenever we are preparing something extravagant.  Fortunately, I do not need to do this with my all-time favorite bacon wrapped back strap recipe.  It is pretty straight forward.  Listed below is the step-by-step process to bacon wrapped bacon strap ballet.


  1. Extract the back straps  
  2. Marinade the back straps in KC Masterpiece Caribbean Jerk.  Let it sit in the refrigerator for 8 to 24 hours to achieve best results.
  3. Select your favorite kind of bacon (I usually go with the classic maple roasted bacon)
  4. Remove back straps from the fridge and grill to medium well.  I like to add some pepper before removing them from the grill.  
  5. Cook the bacon half-way once back straps are finished.  Remove bacon from the pan and wrap the back straps applying a tooth pick at each end for the bacon to hold.
  6. Put the bacon wrapped back straps on the grill to cook the bacon to your desired texture (soft or crispy)
  7. Remove from the grill and enjoy! 


This is a quick and easy way to enjoy your back straps within hours of harvesting your deer.  I can remember the first time my Dad showed how to remove the back straps as a kid, and we took them inside the house to cook them right away.  Nothing beats fresh, lean, organic, 100% American greatness.  Eating the back straps almost immediately after harvest has always been one of my favorite traditions.  Share this recipe with your buddies at deer camp.  Thanks for reading and I hope you give this recipe a shot! Now go get your back straps!

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