Fierce Outdoors Blog- Feeder 01/29/2016

I like to think of this time of as the “Regroup” phase of the whitetail year.  As whitetails hunters we know that this time of year means adventuring and scouting out new spots or touching up our existing honey holes.  Shed hunting brings us joy and relief knowing that last year’s bucks made it through.  And we all know that turkey season is just around the corner.  Soon enough we will be hearing the thundering boom of the turkey gobble early in the mornings. It’s a great time of the year! Below are some of the internet’s top blogs.  Enjoy! Stay fierce and keep hunting!


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Improve your accuracy!  Respect the game! “5 Things to Improve Your Archery Game” by Teresa Johnson


Triumph Over Tragedy: Ben Cockell’s 249-Inch Canadian Megabuck”, by Curt Wells


“What I learned From Ancient Whitetail Does”, by Matt Ross.


“Whitetail Habitat Management- Top 10 Myths”, by Jeff Sturgis.


Fierce Outdoors Friday Blog-Feeder 01/22/2016

This past week has been a productive one here at Fierce Outdoors.  I have joined an indoor archery league to keep my shot in tune, and I also attended my NWTF chapter’s first meeting of 2016.  I am planning to learn a lot and connecting with some pretty impressive archery shooters from the west side of Michigan.  If you are looking to improve your shot as a bowhunter I strongly recommend joining a league in the winter and summer.  Many of the leagues have the best of the best when it comes to tournament archery and even bowhunting.  I joined simply to get in the same room as these guys and soak up as much information as I can.  On the NWTF front, we are currently planning for our annual banquet that will be held in March.  If you love turkey hunting and understand the value of conservation then check out to learn more about this great organization.  Many of you may already be planning for your turkey hunts this spring, or maybe you are going on a shed hunt soon. Whatever your plans are I wish you the best of luck on your adventures.  Enjoy the links and blogs in this week’s Blog Feeder!


How Fast Can a Stand “Recover” From Hunting Pressure? by Clint McCoy


Hunt Midwestern Gobblers on Public Ground by Kenneth Keiser


5 Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Deer Hunting Chances for 2016 by Wired to Hunt contributor Andy May


Mature Buck Staging Area Tactics by Jeff Sturgis


Once again, good luck on your adventures and don’t forget to bring the camera!  Thank you for reading!


Fierce Outdoors Friday Blog-Feeder 01/15/2016

This weekend I will be traveling to conquer some public hunting grounds in Ohio.  Does the thought of filming and hunting in freezing temperatures and sleeping in my car in a Wal-Mart parking lot make me feel discouraged about the trip? Yes it does.  I would be lying if I told you I was not discouraged, BUT there is always hope.  I am an optimistic person and I feel that any die-hard bowhunter has to look at the glass half full in order to succeed.  Pessimism cannot lurk for very long because if it does that’s when you start to lose everything.  Anyways, enough with my self-motivating speech. This week I have provided a few links that I would really like for you to take the time to click and absorb.  I think anyone who truly loves hunting and cares about our wildlife will appreciate some of the conservation related material provided in the news-feeder this week.  I hope everyone is getting pumped and prepped for the upcoming shed and turkey hunting seasons.  I would really like to hear about some of your plans if you have any.  You can leave a comment or send me an email at Enjoy this week’s News-Feeder!


Here is a great story about wild turkey relocations, which is a collaborative conservation effort by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, the National Wild Turkey Federation and Safari Club International.  The full story is covered by Karl Puckett from the Great Falls Tribune.


3 Reasons to Join the Nation Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) – My most recent blog post that talks about some of the advantages of becoming a NWTF member.


Field and Streams Best New Bows for 2016:  Top ATA Picks by Dave Hurteau


B&C & Leupold are actively working on a “Poach and Pay” program to assist wildlife agencies in developing higher fines.


Once again, I would love to hear from you about your shed hunting or turkey hunting plans.  Shoot me an email or leave a comment below.  Take care and thanks for reading!


Fierce Outdoors Friday Blog-Feeder 01/08/2016

It’s a new year with new plans, new hopes and new hunting adventures.  Optimism is at it’s highest even for those of us that had a challenging 2015 season.  Now is the time to start prepping your property, scouting for new deer hunting spots and looking for sheds.  Also, turkey season is right around the corner and I cannot wait for my trip to Nebraska this year.  Anyways, below I have a few articles and links that you will enjoy to help fuel your upcoming hunting endeavors.  Additionally, there are some interesting blogs or articles across the web that I thought would be worth sharing with you.  Enjoy!


“Hinge Cut Bedding Guide”, by Jeff Sturgis.  Great article for anyone looking to improve their property this year. 

“Should Non-Hunters Pay for Conservation Through the “User Pay” Model? Maybe Not”, By Tony Hansen writer for Outdoor Life Magazine.  Interesting concept for conservation funding efforts. Your Thoughts???

“Deer Hunting Small Property”, by Hunting Network.  Like many people I hunt on small acre private land, and with that comes many limitations.  This article has some helpful tips to give you the best odds of success when hunting smaller properties.  

“7 Things Obama Hid in his Gun-Control Plan”, by Clay Turner a writer for the National Rifle Association.  If you haven’t done any research on Obama’s movement on gun control then you can start your reading with this article. is an awesome site to see some of the best film making there is.  I have used this site as a great resource myself for everything from videoing to hunting tactics.  Not to mention some of the short films are quite entertaining.  Click the link to check it out! 


I hope this week’s news-feeder was enjoyable for you.  Please take the time to navigate and if you like what you see subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feed.  I will be working diligently to provide you with strategies, tips and tactics to improve your filming and hunting skills.  Stay tuned and thank you for reading!

Fierce Outdoors Friday Blog-Feeder 12/25/2015

The holidays are here, and for some folks they might be enjoying a venison filled holiday, but for others that may not be the case.  For those of you still looking for that trophy, please feel free to check out last week’s news-feeder post and read up on some tactics and strategies on bagging that late season buck.  This week’s news-feeder post I have collected a few recipes for your holiday festivities and some recent news and information within the hunting industry.  I hope everyone has had a great season so far, and I hope the holidays treat you well!


Looking for a hunting Christmas gift? Check out my recent post of My Hunting Gear Christmas List 2015.  This post features some great products and will at the very least point you in the right direction.


Is your freezer full of venison?  Do you feel like trying something new? Mix up your holiday cuisine with an interesting recipe that uses blackberry sauce from


Here is a personal favorite recipe of mine.  Bacon Wrapped Back Straps.  Yup!


The state of Michigan’s DNR is auctioning off supposedly segregated plots of state land to the public.  I have mixed feelings about this, but I am sure the DNR have their reasons for carrying these auctions out.  Overall, I just hope that these plots of land don’t fall into the hands of urban developers.


Here is the story of Curtis Russel’s 22-point doe!  This freak of a whitetail was shot in in Christian County, Missouri.  Check out the video and story about this bizarre antlered doe. 


I really encourage everyone to listen to this Wired to Hunt podcast hosted by Mark Kenyon. Personally, I take a lot of pride in my conservation efforts, and if you call yourself a hunter you should too.  Shane Mahoney is an excellent speaker on the subject of conservation, and in this podcast he brings several great points regarding what we can do as hunters to support the sport and traditions we love so much.


Thank you for reading and checking out this week’s news-feeder!  Please feel free to browse the remainder of, and if you truly enjoy the art of filming hunts and the great outdoors, please subscribe to our newsletter!  Stay fierce and keep hunting!


Fierce Outdoors Friday Blog-feeder 12/18/2015

Hey everyone! Here is another news-feed post with blog posts and helpful leads from around the web.  We have been experiencing abnormally warm temperatures here in the Midwest, and for me at least, this has hindered deer movement greatly. Despite these warm temps,  I still see a number of great deer being taken in my home state of Michigan, which provides motivation to keep grinding.  Building on the subject of the late season grind, listed below are links to some great blog posts that may aid in your quest for some venison or that big buck you have been after all year long.  Enjoy!

Here is a great Q and A article on late season hunting with  Matt Morrett from Hunter’s Specialties.  


Helpful winter whitetail hunting tactics provided by Curt Wells, a freelance writer for Bowhunter Magazine.


One of my favorite whitetail hunting resources, Bernie Barringer, has written a great article on using a ground blind to have late season success.


Looking for a new trail camera? Or does your buddy need a new one? I live and die by my Covert trail cameras.  I am not sponsored by Covert, or by anyone for that matter.  I simply make these types of recommendations because it is gear that I trust and believe in.  Click the link below to check out some of the deals Amazon is offering.

Covert MP8 Black Trail Camera – Amazon


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