Fierce Outdoors Blog-Feeder 04/08/2016

Hey there!  I have been brewing over some awesome video ideas for Fierce Outdoors and I am hoping to put some things together before the end of turkey season.  Sneak peek:  I will be done editing a turkey hunt from the archives and it will be posted next week.  In addition, I will be making the trek to Nebraska in efforts of bagging a Merriam turkey or two.  Lastly, I’ll end my turkey season here in Michigan and both of my turkeys hunts will be edited and posted as soon as possible.  There is a lot in motion here at Fierce Outdoors and I want to give a big thank you for those who have subscribed to our newsletter.  Enjoy this week’s blog-feeder!

Where Does a Buck Bed? Top Ten Spots by Jeff Sturgis

Shooting Hours Deer Movement Planting Tip by Jeff Sturgis

Wisconsin Governor Signs Bill Outlawing Hunter Harassment by David Smith 

Cliff Notes for Hunters by Mark Kenyon

Avoid Hunter’s Blues by Aaron Cloyd

Maximize Your Odds of Bagging a Longbeard With These Decoy Strategies by Greg Abbas

Fierce Outdoors Blog-Feeder 04/01/2016

Hey Everyone!  April is here and so is my excitement for turkey season.  I can’t wait to put some of my new camera gear to work. And it never seizes to amaze me how much work needs to be done in the off-season.  if there is one piece of advice I would give to any hunter it would be to write down a list of things you want to accomplish and work towards them every chance you get.  The last thing you want is for it to be the middle of the hunting season and you have a bad case of the “shoulda-woulda-couldas”.  Obviously, there are always things we can improve on and hindsight is 20-20.  However, I am making a constant effort to check off as many tasks as possible on my hunting checklist.  So make a list and start working on it today!  Anyways, I found some really cool hunting and filming articles to feature in this weeks blog-feeder.   Hope you guys enjoy! Stay fierce and keep hunting!  

Fast Food Plot Tips From Jeff Sturgis by Mark Kenyon

Thank a Farmer Today- Here’s Why by Ariel Wiegard 

Robot Cameraman by  

How To Film Your Own Hunt by Chad Stillman 


Fierce Outdoors Blog-Feeder 03/18/2016

I had an exciting week of scouting and shed hunting here in Michigan.  I found my very first Michigan deer shed!  I have walked many miles on Michigan soil and never found a shed until the of the 2016 shed rally.  Perfect timing!  I only found one shed and it was small, but it was exciting never the less.  I would love to see the results that other people are having.  You can post them on the FB page or send me an email at and I can create a post to share your findings.  I am hoping to be traveling down to Ohio next weekend to search for some property to hunt and to shed hunt as well.  I will need to have my Door Knocking Skills on point.  Anyways, here are a few of my favorite blogs and videos from around the web compiled together in this weeks blog-feeder.  Thanks for reading!

GPS Tracking Provides New Insights Into Rut Movements – by Bernie Barringer

How Far Can Deer See in the Dark? – by Bill Winke

How to Cure Target Panic – by Jeff Sturgis

White Gold: Top Tips for Finding Sheds – by Jeremy Flinn

Fierce Outdoors Blog-Feeder 03/11/2016

Hey Everyone!  Sorry I neglected to post to the blog feeder last week. I made a special trip to Iowa to attend the Iowa Deer Classic and I had a lot of fun.  You can learn a little more about my experience at the Iowa Deer Classic by clicking here.  Anyways, there is a lot going on at Fierce Outdoors and I feel like I never have enough time in a day to accomplish what I want to.  I have an endless list of spots I need to scout, doors I need to knock on and places I need to plan to hunt.  I know that when I am running short on time I need answers quick. So I provided below some helpful hunting resources and maybe one of them will help you on your next hunting project.  Additionally, there is a link below to the Midwest Whitetails internship program. I believe anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the outdoor industry would benefit greatly from this program.

Enjoy the resources! I hope they are helpful!


Midwest Whitetail Internship Program


Bowhunting Habitat Strategies for Predictable Hunting by Jeff Sturgis


Three Places Where All the Sheds Have Gone by AJ Derosa


Shed Hunting The Perfect Closure to Every Bow Hunting Season by G5 Outdoors


Best Places for Deer Sheds by Buck Advisors LLC


10 Tips for Creating Fruit Plots by Bill Winke

Fierce Outdoors Blog-Feeder 02/26/2016

Hey everyone!  Thanks for checking out the Fierce Outdoors Blog-Feeder.  Just like every week, I have gathered some of the internet’s most interesting hunting and filming blogs.  If there is anything you would like to see more of please email me at  Check out the Hunt and Film page for our most recent stories and helpful articles about filming and hunting.  Thanks again for reading! Enjoy!


Make Your Own Hunting Video – Realtree Blog


“The Simple Secret to Becoming a Smart Shed hunter”, by Mark Kenyon


“Four Suburban Bowhunting Shooting Skills That Can Make or Break a Hunt”, By AJ DeRosa 


“Should You Cut Timber for Deer”, by Jeff Sturgis


“Scott Ellis NWTF Calling Champion”, by blog




Fierce Outdoors Blog-Feeder 02/05/2016

This weekend will be no different than the past few weekends for me.  Since the start of the new year, I have spent my two precious days off doing something whitetail or turkey hunting related.  Soon I will be joining some friends on a shed hunting trip and hopefully uncovering more places to hunt.  One can never have enough spots to hunt!

I feel as though there is always something to be done when it comes to whitetail and turkey hunting.  With this in mind, here are some of the internet’s top blogs to stir up some ideas and motivation.  Take care and enjoy!


Bowhunting Prep: 5 Drills to Prepare You for Your Best Bow Season Ever by Alex Robinson


The Mother Flock: Hunting the Homeland of the Wild Turkey by Andrew McKean


5 Pieces of Camera Gear to Film Your Hunt by Alex Robinson


Accepting the Challenge of Self-Filming by John Lyszczyk 


Train for Shed Hunting by Mark Kenyon



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